Giving Back to the Community through Giveback Homes

“You took the time out of your lives to go somewhere you’ve never been before, to do something you’ve never done before. We thank you for that.”

14889715_457023374421665_3325617430764267772_oWho knew that Giveback Homes would forever change me? Who knew that this amazing guy that was talking to all the volunteers could move me to the point of crying with his hype and his words. Who knew that those Habitat for Humanity homes do not come for free to anyone! You read it right, not FREE. 300 hrs of work on your house plus a monthly mortgage payment will get you into a home once qualified. Do you know what that means? Imagine adding those hours to some that already works two jobs. Now, I do; and I’m be extremely grateful to Intero Real Estate Services for finding Giveback Homes and deciding to partner with them.

14884431_457035747753761_2882806631418908965_o (1)14917217_457035681087101_4017542257444892996_oThrough my client’s real estate transactions, I have been able to donate a portion form every closing and in just 3 months I have given $1750 towards the construction of this, our first build day.

Only 6 hr of construction, which felt more like a zillion to me, but it gave me perspective. I learned how much hard work goes into building a home (now I appreciate home builders even more), I learned how privileged I have been all my life and I that made me feel that I had to give back even more than what I am giving now. My goal for 2017 is to contribute $5000 toward the construction of another home. If you or anyone you know would like to make a contribution to Giveback Homes please contact me. There is no better feeling than #Givingbacktothecommunity #forsocialgood #Givebackhomes #karlaarjonasellshomes

14882250_457026231088046_7008828344393033062_oGiveback Homes is a community of real estate professionals who are committed to creating social change by helping build homes for deserving families around the globe. We work together to organize fundraising events, mobilize teams of volunteer homebuilders, and we inspire others to take action for social good; rest assured that 100% of your contributions goes directly to a family in need, making their dreams of home ownership a reality.

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