Appraised Value For Property Tax Purposes (2018)

Notice of Appraised Value for Property Tax Purposes. (2018)

Right about now, you will start getting your property value assessment. The property taxes that you pay annually are based on the value of this assessment. Your job is to try to keep that value as low as you possibly can by keeping an eye on the value each year as it comes out. This is not always easy or possible; but it is important to track it every year, and to protest the value if you think it is too high based on recent sales in your neighborhood.

The main reason is to reduce your tax bill, but also, when you sell your home, if your assessed value is over your market value, the buyer will have to pay those high taxes when the property is really worth less, making it less attractive.

There are two ways of protest your value; first, if you have good comparatives for recent sales and you can make a case proving your home assessment should be changed, you can do it yourself. Second, you can hire a company to do it for you. They usually charge a fee based on the amount they saved you with no money requirement up front.

Remember the deadline to submit the form to protest the assessed value in the state of Texas is May 31.

If you have any questions or would like more information please call me, text me or message. I will be happy to help.

Below are a few of the companies that will do this for you. I have personally used the first two options.


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