My Favorite Japanese Restaurant in Sugar Land

Do you like Japanese food?

We are Japanese food lovers in the Arjona household. I confess that we have it at least once a week and some members of my family could have it 3 times a day, every day. That being said when we moved to Sugar Land 18 years ago the options were very limited. We’d mostly drive into town for work and just ate it there. When I had my kids and stopped working in town, we still went into town a lot until we decided to start our search. We have tried every single Japanese place that opens, have gone a few times to some, and once to many. We have one favorite and I want share it with you, just in case you’ve never tried it.

Mori Ichi.

We love sushi and sashimi, and we are very picky about it. It must be super fresh and must be as delicious as possible. This is where we find this every time we go. The service is good and, well by now, they know us, so it feels like home when we come in. If you like Japanese food and want to try a very good place, give Mori a try.

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