Coming Soon: 2865 Westhollow Dr #32, Houston Tx 77082

2865 Westhollow Dr, #32, Houston TX 77082
2865 Westhollow Dr, #32, Houston TX 77082

If you are looking for the comfort of a home in a town home setting, look no more. This beautiful town home feels like a single family home. It was just been recently updated. Located on Richmond and Westhollow Dr, only 2 blocks away from Hyw 6 and minutes away from the energy corridor and I-10. This is a gated community with remote access. Close to shopping, entertaining, and good freeway access, it will make for a great new home!

New laminate floors on all the first floor except on the bathroom and laundry area. The gas fireplace has been refinished with a stone accent. The kitchen has granite counter tops, a new backsplash was just installed along with a side by side stainless steel refrigerator that has water and ice, a gas stainless steel range, stainless steel microwave and dishwasher, all new installed 4/22/2016, cabinets have been refinished and a new garbage disposal installed. A fresh coat of paint to all the inside of the property. New water fixtures on all sinks in bathrooms, new toilet on half bathroom. All windows have blinds. Corner until overlooking the pool area. Nice natural light. Water is included in maintenance. Do not miss the opportunity. Come take a look today! Clean and ready to move in.


Asking Price: $230,000

3 D Tour

IMG_6293 IMG_6300 WesthollowV2_-2 WesthollowV2_-4 (1) IMG_6290 IMG_6320 IMG_6325 IMG_6287 IMG_6266

Living Room: 22×21                                Dining: 12×10

Kitchen: 10×2                                         Master Bedroom: 15×14

2nd Bedroom: 13×14                              3rd Bedroom: 13×14

For more information please contact me at (832) 455 5648


The Top 5 Home Features That Save Time and Money

Everyone wants to save money on energy bills every month. But did you know that having today’s popular energy-efficient features in your home can also save you time and stress when you sell your home?

two home buyers surrounded by moving boxesMore and more first-time home buyers are searching for homes in the area, so there is more of a demand for move-in ready homes or homes with certain features.

As Millennial Magazine notes, what buyers are looking for in a home include open floor plans, homes with great cell service, and energy-efficient features.

Having the best energy-efficient home features now means you won’t need to upgrade your home later when you sell. Plus, these features may also add value to your home.

5. Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats let you control when you want the heat and air conditioning to be running in your home, saving you money on your monthly energy bills. Some thermostats, such as Nest Learning Thermostats, even let you control the temperature remotely on your phone, an appealing feature for today’s home buyers.

upgraded kitchen with bright spring flowers4. Energy-Efficient Appliances

There are plenty of cost-saving options for the appliances throughout your home. Energy Star offers many appliances and equipment from kitchen appliances to water heaters that are popular energy-efficient home features.

3. Green Home Construction

Materials involved in home construction can be also be energy-efficient. Different types of insulation and energy-efficient windows, such as low-emissivity (low E), can be installed to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

2. Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

A way to save money on your water bill is to replace your toilet, faucet, or shower head with a low-flow toilet and water-conserving features.

LED light bulb on a white surface1. LED Lightbulbs

A simple switch from incandescent lighbulbs to LED bulbs will not only brighten your home but save you money on your energy bill.

Using these bulbs can also help you as you’re selling your home, too; brighter rooms are more appealing to buyers who are scrolling through online listing photos and viewing homes.

Today’s Buyers are Searching for Your Home

Not all home buyers are searching for new construction homes in the area. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders found that less than 9% of Millennials and only 12% of older home buyers bought a new home.

Today’s home buyers may be searching for a home that is similar to yours, and if you have the energy-efficient home features they are looking for, they may value your home more.

But Before You Upgrade Your Home…

person using an iphoneAs the real estate experts in this area, we know what features home buyers are looking for. So before you completely upgrade your home with these features or other home improvements, talk to us about whether you need to spend the time and money installing them.

All your home may need is expert marketing to attract buyers.

We’d be happy to talk with you about the best energy-efficient home features and what today’s buyers are searching for. Just give us a call.

Leasing a home in Houston, Tx and surrounding areas.

2815 Carriage Hollow Ln, Katy TX 77494
2815 Carriage Hollow Ln, Katy TX 77494

What will I need to lease (rent) a home in Houston and it’s surrounding areas?

  • Social Security Number
  • Visa if here for work
  • Offer letter if transferring for a job which just started or the last two pay stubs
  • Copy of ID in color
  • Rental history
  • Background check
  • Employment Verification
  • Credit report

Some of the items above can be substituted by other things and exceptions can and will be made. It will all depend on the landlord or management company.

For people with no credit history either because they are new to the country or have just started working, landlords may ask for a additional deposit. There may also be other reasons why the landlord may require additional deposit.

Deposit: most common in single family home is one full month rent as deposit. As I stated before the landlord can ask for as much as he wants depending on credit or other things he might find. Anything negative like a low credit score, too much debt, a bankruptcy or a lease breach could cause the landlord to ask for more.

Rent: Is set by the landlord and it can be negotiable. It will depend on different aspects.

Terms: Single family homes are mostly leased on at least 12 months but some properties do short term, 1-12 months. Rent is usually higher when lease is shorter than 12 months.

Utilities: In most cases tenant pays for all utilities. Some condos or townhouse may include water, cable and access to all amenities.

Amenities: In most cases landlord pays a yearly fee that will grant you access to the community amenities. Make sure to ask before you sign your lease. Sometimes if there is an access card you have to play for the actual card.

Taxes: You are not responsible for paying any taxes when leasing a home. Property taxes are paid by the landlord.

Yard: This item is negotiable but in most cases the tenant pays for the yard maintenance.

Pool: This item is negotiable. I would say 50% of landlords take care of the pool themselves. 50% of tenants have to pay for it themselves.

Pets: There are three options, accepts pets (usually on a case by case because there is always a max number of pets allowed), does not accept pets and case by case. In my experience too many pets will be an issue for most landlords. In dogs breeds that are considered  aggressive might not be accepted. Landlord usually want to know what kind, how many, sex, age, breed. Pets come with pet deposit. That is also to the landlord discretion and it can be fully refundable, half of it refundable or non refundable.

Repairs: In the last couple of years I have seem a large number of landlord move to ask the tenets for the first $75 dlls of any repairs done while on the lease.

What will the landlord do before move in?

When looking at homes make a list. Anything you would like done to the home before move in, anything you see or think needs repair, cleaning, moving, etc. You should have your agent ask everything before you agree to sign the lease. It is very important that all items are negotiated and mentioned in the contract. I have seen landlords do many things for a good tenant, I have seen some do absolutely nothing.

My advice to you:

When you have found a realtor to work with and they have shown you the homes you like pick at least 3. Number them in order of preference.

Fill out your application and get all the papers needed together. Ask your realtor to send the application along with an email asking any questions your might have about the property and negotiate any items before you sign the agreement. Once you are in it might be hard to get things done.

Good luck! and if you have any questions do not hesitate to email me, tex me, or call me. I will be very happy to help.

Is Renting Truly Cheaper Than Buying a Home?

Owning a home is a dream for many people. You have the opportunity to invest in a place of your own and build equity, not to mention carve out a space that reflects who you are and what you love.

However, worries about down payments, property taxes, maintenance, and insurance (and student loans) can make buying a home seem like wishful thinking, which is why you may prefer to rent a home or apartment.

But is renting cheaper than buying a home? There are more than just financial costs to consider. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of renting.

a person holding a wad of cashYou Receive No Return When You Rent a Property

As a renter, you’re paying hundreds of dollars a month to live in your community, and if you want to move, it’s much easier. But renting a home doesn’t offer you investment opportunities.

Unlike paying off your home loan and building equity, the money you pay when you rent goes straight to the property owner or manager.

You Don’t Build Credit When You Rent

As this recent Forbes article explains, your credit score often does not factor in your on-time monthly rent payments, so renting a property is not a great way to build credit.

Additionally, renting doesn’t provide you with any tax benefits. If you own a home, however, you can deduct mortgage insurance and property taxes, and exclude capital gains when you sell.

You Cannot Customize Your Living Space

upgraded kitchen with bright spring flowersNot all costs are financial. There are opportunity costs of renting a home instead of buying a home, and customization is one of them.

There may be rules and regulations in your rental community that prevent you from changing your space to fit your style, such as painting the walls or upgrading the kitchen. These rules may also prevent you from living with a pet.

Owning a home means you can create your own space (with your choice of countertops and kitchen cabinets), you can invest in home improvements, and you can live with your furry companion.

You Have a Harder Time Connecting with Your Community

Forming deep connections with your neighbors is likely not high on your priority list if you’re a renter, especially when you consider that you will only be living in the community for a short time. If you desire to get to know your neighbors, homeownership is a better option.

buyer holding house keys to new homeRenting vs. Buying: The Bottom Line

Renting gives you flexibility and little maintenance to worry about. Buying a home is a long-term investment that gives you a space you can customize, helps you build credit and equity, and connects you with your community.

We want to help you make the best decision, and we have important real estate market resources that you can use to help you decide if renting is cheaper for you than buying a home. Just give us a call and we can talk about your plans.