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What is a seller’s net sheet

A seller’s net sheet is document used by title companies, Realtors, and other real estate professionals to give a home seller an accurate estimate of the net proceeds they will realize from the sale of their home. This is the actual amount of money the seller will take as a result of the transaction. Some of the charges listed on the seller’s net sheet can be; commissions paid to both buyer and selling agent, payoffs to any mortgages, property tax prorations, settlement fees, recording fees, document preparation fees, home warranties to be offered to the buyer, notary fees, etc; along with other possible concession the seller might give at the time of the sale. 

I consider the seller’s set sheet part of my listing presentation, and a very important tool for the seller to decide wether they should sell or not; it helps them price the home, plan for negotiations, and any possible repairs or additional concessions they might want to consider.

Make sure to ask your listing agent for one before you get under contract to avoid any surprises at closing.

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