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Five Sugar Land Tx restaurants that offer lunch under $15

We all like to eat out with our friends or coworkers, but when doing it regularly, it can get pretty expensive. One thing Sugar Land has to offer is plenty of options to have a good lunch without breaking the bank. Below are my top 5 options for lunch under $15 in Sugar Land. I tried my best to pick locally owned restaurants vs national chains, just to help or small business owners that are part of our wonderful community.

Berry Hill Tamale

Southwest Freeway and Sugar Creek Blvd

Berry Hill has a lunch special that includes one taco with beans, rice and drink for $7.99. My favorite is the grilled fish taco! I love the sauce, plus they have the best beans and rice in town!

Extensive menu with lots of options and a full bar for those who want a drink.

Thai Siam

11557 S Texas 6

Has lunch specials as low as $6.95 all the way to $12.95. Does not include a drink, but they offer generous portions. My favorites here are Path Thai Bankok, Basil Delight and Yellow curry.

Pho Shack

Highway 90 and 99

Offers 3 combos that include pho, drink and two crispy rolls. They juts introduced crawfish this season and I have heard it’s delicious. Come give it a try.


Town Center

They offer a 3 course meal for $12 and you can chose from a few items, one salad, one nibbler or soup and an entree. Japanese with a latin fusion.


Highway 6 and University Blvd

Mediterranean food buffet style, Fadis has an amazing selection and now they are offering lunch bowls, one different every day of the week. Baked Fish, Chicken Alfredo, etc. With a drink it’s $11.99 and with a side and a drink $13.98 One of my favorite mediterranean places to eat. Healthy as can be.

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