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The Pre-construction Meeting

What happens at a pre-construction meeting? What can I expect; and about how long will it take?

The builder superintendent will introduce himself to you and will sit down to go over every single plan and make sure everything you have selected is on there and it is correct.

First, you go over the floor plan of the house and where tile, wood and carpet will go.

You will review all the options you choose and make sure they are on the plans. Then you will go over the electrical, plumbing and data plans checking every single thing on them again to verify it is all there. The super will make notes on the plans if needed and will correct or add any items needed to be added or removed. You also see the location and design for cabinets. 

At the end you go over the exterior of the home.

You will be shown how the home will sit on the lot and you will have to sign all those things making sure you have reviewed and ok all of it.

This meeting should take 1-2 hours. You should expect your home to start construction within a week or two after this meeting. 

Our meeting took place on day 100 after we signed the earnest money contract. This usually takes place about 30-45 days after you sign but in our case we had a re-draw that put us on a different time line. Our meeting took about 1 hr and 45 minutes and we were told to expect the foundation to be poured in a few days.

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